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Tue, 25 Oct 2011|

Lindsey Holder joins us on the scene. She was a celebrity assistant and she's Upstate entrepreneur and a national style ambassador for Remington.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well thanks for coming back along his retirement plan on -- -- any us how our next guest was a celebrity assistants. Upstate entrepreneur and even a national style ambassador for reading sent the company not -- company the style company. Lindsay holder is joining us here on the scene -- we have done stories on her before in the path. Anti the other organics frighten you might do it that way she writes on her web site about style trends and passion Lindsay holder. Thanks so much for joining us and I think yeah in all of the south east she represents around me yes what an all these parents. Yes I had the whole -- -- -- it as pets yes yes un ambassador on nationals found that they're programming -- -- that hair company. The other three style ambassadors or California girls that I love visiting them but I'm so happy that you represent -- as well. All right and in the entire East Coast and at LA have lots of sign -- You really -- This Pakistan some time with well our sister station is the CW and they weren't having all of the impact not out yet that little shadow. -- So you used to beat -- but a celebrity is this I day yes she signed a lightweight she can't tell us anything that you can't tell us about it I carry trip. Well I love vampire diaries and Remington is so wonderful because they let me just go and use my imagination and -- don't do whatever I want to do pretty night. So I get on -- of the hottest out. So I contacted in your bag with her hair stylist and got them hot tips on hand as well as at the time that make up artist. On sat at vampire diaries and may have said hello attack on Damon -- -- pastor may have. Yeah. So well after saying that and knowing that you're you know just. You know knee deep into style what is the fall winter tip and and what that something maybe you found that that. I'm ten seconds to air I love being kept from Dana the hair stylist He -- why you're getting ready ladies -- longer hair. Twist your hair out cannot get ready. He ended to to make -- fine. Then just let it -- down and have a nice they use curl that just naturally -- -- and I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How did hit other tidbits from -- -- -- to make the RNC swears by Helene Curtis was just as a really amazing and I'm mark. So I am all on my way to help them if and when that -- happy right behind at delta and they'll Salina -- So -- You can contact me awhile back tell me -- absolutely because you're online and aired. Every day says you know what's amazing yourself ukrainians pilots still are Remington began I have guy cannot keep that you've got myself I've got -- -- -- latest. Median about the net annum. Okay so I'll have to get a lot of a lot of thoughts at this yet and and I'm gonna give you some answer -- -- has -- added I do and where -- the stuff appear red -- ready dot com. -- here -- gas pump which house is also and the vampire diaries everything with all of our Remington Salant -- is right there on that one night. But they're ready that that. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know I having thing that helped narrow Alley at a low key sort near Atlanta an amazing -- all right -- -- now do you have a blog site or is it just the Remington side that I actually had it's called -- -- this stat which is my personal lives Atlanta Motor dot com. Very successful. And on another thing that idea and a few other celebrity assistants because I can't just be only -- So it's amazing -- had I'm not gonna given names so you have to go but I have to really. Cooking dinners on the theory -- you just have your hands in a little bit of everything that -- lazy person. -- I'm really glad it's gonna let us they can all right be here thank you very much.